Poncer / Levi

Les publications de l'équipe Poncer / Levi.

Sequences Flanking the Gephyrin-Binding Site of GlyRβ Tune Receptor Stabilization at Synapses.

Grünewald N, Jan A, Salvatico C, Kress V, Renner M, Triller A, Specht C, Schwarz G.
2018 eNeuro.5(1) ENEURO.0042-17.2018

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Activity-Dependent Inhibitory Synapse Scaling Is Determined by Gephyrin Phosphorylation and Subsequent Regulation of GABAA Receptor Diffusion.

Battaglia S, Renner M, Russeau M, Côme E, Tyagarajan SK, Lévi S.
2018 eNeuro;5(1). pii: ENEURO.0203-17.2017

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A Simple and Powerful Analysis of Lateral Subdiffusion Using Single Particle Tracking.

Renner M, Wang L, Levi S, Hennekinne L, Triller A.
2017 Biophys J.113(11):2452-2463.

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GABAA receptor dependent synaptic inhibition rapidly tunes KCC2 activity via the Cl−-sensitive WNK1 kinase

Heubl M, Zhang J, Pressey JC, Al Awabdh S, Renner M, Gomez-Castro F, Moutkine I, Eugène E, Russeau M, Kahle KT, Poncer JC, Lévi S.
2017 Nat Commun.;8(1):1776.

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Alpha subunit-dependent glycine receptor clustering and regulation of synaptic receptor numbers.

Patrizio A, Renner M, Pizzarelli R, Triller A, Specht CG.
2017 Sci Rep.7(1):10899

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