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Les publications de l'équipe Francis / Goutebroze.

EML1-associated brain overgrowth syndrome with ribbon-like heterotopia.

Oegema R, McGillivray G, Leventer R, Le Moing AG, Bahi-Buisson N, Barnicoat A, Mandelstam S, Francis D, Francis F, Mancini GMS, Savelberg S, van Haaften G, Mankad K, Lequin MH.
2019 Am J Med Genet C Semin Med Genet.

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Genes and Mechanisms Involved in the Generation and Amplification of Basal Radial Glial Cells.

Penisson M, Ladewig J, Belvindrah R, Francis F.
2019 Front Cell Neurosci. 13:381

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Mutations in the Heterotopia Gene Eml1/EML1 Severely Disrupt the Formation of Primary Cilia.

Uzquiano A, Cifuentes-Diaz C, Jabali A, Romero DM, Houllier A, Dingli F, Maillard C, Boland A, Deleuze JF, Loew D, Mancini GMS, Bahi-Buisson N, Ladewig J, Francis F.
2019 Cell Rep. 28(6):1596-1611.e10

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The neuroanatomy of Eml1 knockout mice, a model of subcortical heterotopia.

Collins SC, Uzquiano A, Selloum M, Wendling O, Gaborit M, Osipenko M, Birling MC, Yalcin B, Francis F.
2019 J Anat. 235:637-650

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Selective Axonal Expression of the Kv1 Channel Complex in Pre-myelinated GABAergic Hippocampal Neurons.

Bonetto G, Hivert B, Goutebroze L, Karagogeos D, Crépel V, Faivre-Sarrailh C.
2019 Front Cell Neurosci. 13:222

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